Friday, February 26, 2010

Sam's Club - order and pickup

Not sure if everyone has a Sam's Club near them, but they are great!  I believe Cosco is pretty similiar.  Other states may have their versions of these stores?  Anyway, it is a great place to buy in bulk as well as get your fresh food.  I often get milk, fresh fruit, bread, cakes, meat, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

Just recently I have started to put in my Sam's order online and then the next day my husband can pick it up on his way home from work.  It works out so nice for both of us.  I don't buy any more than I NEED because I just go by my list and add those items to my cart.  (This place is filled with food to tempt you and when I actually go into the store, it is hard to leave without spending $200) And it is great for my husband because he doesn't have to wait in line to checkout.  He just goes to the service counter and they bring it all to him!  Perfect.

Of course you can't get everything you need at the store but you can get the majority. And by putting in the order online you save time, gas, money and your sanity!


Wendy Irene said...

Wow, ordering online and having your husband swing by on the way home is SUCH a good idea. I wish Costco did that!! We don't have Sams, but one can hope.
Thank you Amy for including me in blogs you visit. Your comment inspired my post today, thank you! Have a great weekend!

Addie's Mommy said...

Shut up!!!! I can't believe you can do that! I am so excited, I can't even stand it. In fact, I'm leaving your blog and going right to Sam's online and I'm going shopping! Thank you so much!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

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