Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unfinished wood + paint = nice decor for your house

There are a few rooms in our house where I was having a hard time finding the right decor to help accentuate the room.  In the girls room we used bright colors so it was hard to find things that didn't make the room even "louder".  In the bathroom I wanted square accessories, but I wanted them to match the shower curtain.  I took a trip to the local craft store and ended up buying some unfinished wood pieces and painting them myself to match the rooms.  There are so many possibilities and it was so cheap. 

I found these wooden circles for under .50 cents a piece. I bought the craft paint to match for around $1 a bottle.  I had a lot of paint leftover so now I can always add more to their room or change it as they get older.

I also found these wooden shallow squares at the craft store and I think they were around $1 a piece.  I used the same craft paint.  They make a great wall decoration.  They could also be used as a picture frame but I chose to leave the white show through.

Our bathroom has a shower curtain with square like shapes on it so I picked up these square mirrors at Ikea for about $2 a piece.  I used leftover paint that we had from our previous house that matched the curtain and we were set with another wall decoration.  I have another set of these mirrors painted to match a second shower curtain, so when I get sick of these colors, all I have to do is switch out the mirrors and curtain.  They both have an olive green in them so the towels and other accessories always match.

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great job with your decor!

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