Monday, May 3, 2010

Aquadoodle pen

Have you ever needed to do a mass mailing?  Invites, thank yous, fundraiser letters, etc. In the past 6 months we had to do a few mailings for the kid's school and church fundraisers that we are helping with.  When I started to get everything ready for the first mailing, I thought about what I was going to use to close the envelopes.  I wasn't about to lick all the envelopes shut and I didn't know if I could bring them to a post office to have them run through a machine? And I didn't have any stickers I could use. So, I decided I would try the aquadoodle pen.  It worked WONDERFULLY!  All I had to do was fill the pen with water, and run it over the adhesive strip and close.  If you don't have one or haven't seen one, the link and image is below.  The kids use it with their aquadoodle pad and mat.  It is basically a plastic pen that holds water and then simulates a marker on the mat/pad. I am sure people that do mass mailings all the time have a better tool but this didn't cost me a thing, I already had it in the house and it couldn't have worked better!

It would be perfect for sending out graduation announcements, wedding invitations, thank yous, etc. 

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Wendy Irene said...

Genius! Oh man, I hope I can find mine! Not a fan of licking envelopes

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