Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Devotionals

Whether you are spiritual or not,  I think a thought of the day, prayer of the day or something to make us reflect as we begin or end our day can't hurt anyone. I have recently been introduced to some good books for this purpose. 

In my Yoga class my instructor reads from The Mother's Daily Prayer Book and
Tao Paths: Good Fortune (another reason Yoga is good for body, mind and soul) I really enjoy the readings from both of these books.  They are short, to the point and really give you something to think about and strive for as you live each day.  As with all books, you probably won't like all of the daily readings. Some may seen a little "out there", but I think there is still something that you can take away from it to make your day a better one.

We also have the Growing and Learning Day by Day daily devotional at home that we read to the kids from time to time.  This book also has a short paragraph with a daily lesson for the day in the terms that a child can understand and learn from. 

I highly recommend all the books.  If you have any favorite daily devotional or self-help books I would love to hear about them!

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