Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Tis the season for Garage Sales

I used to think going to garage sales were a waste of time, but the last few times I have taken the time to go I came back with MANY things that I needed!  I think the time and effort to go and look through everyone's stuff always deterred me from going and I thought - I will never find what I am looking for, or I won't find anything that is in good enough shape to buy, etc. But it really is amazing what you can find.  I think of the things that I have put on the few garage sales I have hosted and some of the items were like brand new, so I know other people do the same.

Many cities have city wide garage sales and that is probably the best time to go because you can hit so many at one time.  Last year I think I went to 3 different city wide sales and I was very impressed.  Of course there are always some that disappoint but when you do find something great it totally makes up for it.  Garage sales are often advertised in the paper, church bulletins, city websites, etc.  I am sure at this time of year you can find one or many every weekend somewhere near you. 

As busy as this time of year gets, I highly recommend taking the time to go.  This year I am going to make a list of the items that I NEED and then of course leave room for the "wants" that I find along the way too.  It is a great place to get seasonal/holiday items such as winter boots, coats, dresses, shoes, etc.  Those items aren't worn as much so they are almost always in good shape.  I seem to always have an easier time finding things for the girls more than boys - I guess boys wear out their clothing and toys more :-)  It is also a great place to get kids toys. Most toys kids only play with for small amounts of time, so it is nice to pay a fraction of the price instead of full price in a store.

I wish you luck and Happy Garage Saling!

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Wendy Irene said...

I don't usually go for the same reasons you said, but reading this just may have changed my mind ;-) Have a great week Amy!

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