Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Save your buttons

Almost every time I buy a new shirt, pants or skirt I also recieve extra buttons.  I guess the buttons would be used in the event that I lose one, but that never seems to happen.  So until recently I had a pile of buttons in those little plastic bags just sitting in my closet. 

About two years ago I starting adding more embellishments to my scrapbooks and buttons were one of the things I would add to my pages.  I bought all kinds of buttons - small, big, bright, neutral, etc. but sometimes I wanted those unique looking buttons to add that special something to the page.  So a few months ago I started gathering and saving all those extra buttons from my clothing and keeping them for my scrapbook pages!  I have a nice collection of unique buttons now and I am sure I will only add to it over time.  I guess I will be out of luck when I do need one of the extra buttons, but I will have to cross that bridge when I get there.  For now, I will admire them on my pages!

If you are in need of actual scrapbook buttons, Oriental Trading is probably the best place to get them.  They sell them in bulk and they are very cheap.

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