Monday, April 12, 2010

"Good" Cartoons we like to watch

Each morning the kids ususally watch a little bit of TV.  Ethan normally watches ESPN Sportcenter before school (and poor Avery puts up with it so well) and then once the big kids are off to school, the little girls normally watch some cartoons as they finish their breakfast.  I don't know about you, but I really miss the "good" cartoons we had when we were kids.  Some of the shows that are on TV for young viewers now can be very disturbing and inappropriate.

Last year we came across a few new cartoons on the PBS Kids Network that we just love!  They are fun, entertaining and they are very educational. They are Sid the Science Kid, Word Girl and Super Why.
(check your local listings for times and availablity)

I know they say that kids under the age of 2 shouldn't watch TV or very minimal, so when I do let the girls watch TV I try to have something on that is as education as a TV show can be.  I think the three cartoons listed below fall into this category.  Don't get me wrong, we do still watch a little Dora and Diego too and of course some Hannah Montana and iCarly when the big kids are around. But during the day, if the TV is on, I don't have a problem with them watching these educational shows:

Sid the Science Kid - is a new educational animated television series using comedy to promote exploration, discovery and science readiness among preschoolers

Word Girl - is a new animated series that follows the every day life and superhero adventures of “WordGirl” as she fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage, all in a day’s work.

Super Why - a breakthrough preschool series designed to help kids ages 3 to 6 with the critical skills that they need to learn to read (and love to read!) as recommended by the National Reading Panel (alphabet skills, word families, spelling, comprehension and vocabulary).


Wendy Irene said...

I'm sure my son would love to check some of those out ;-)

Stacy said...

Totally agree with you Amy! We only watch PBS in my house (thanks to some advice from a friend about how commercials encourage kids to want more 'things') and we love those shows too! I love that when Samuel watches those - or Sesame Street - I know he is learning educational things. FYI - A friend told me just this week that her pediatrician told her a little TV is OK but no more than 1 hour of screen time a day. That seems like a good guideline (cuz sometimes a mom just needs to get some things done :). Thanks for all your great tips!

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