Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much better than a "normal" pizza cutter

I have been cutting up my kid's food for years but using this kitchen gadget makes it fun!  I am not sure what it is even called but I received it from a local pizzaria and I LOVE it.  I use it to cut up everything, even things that don't need to be cut up.  It is so much easier to use than a normal pizza cutter.  You can grip it better, can apply pressure more evenly and the cutting device is closer to the object so I think it makes the cutting process go a lot smoother.  For me, it is a kitchen must-have!  I haven't seen them in a lot of stores, but I am sure you can find them somewhere.  And when you do, I am sure you will fall in love as well!

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Wendy Irene said...

the blog looks great! I love the colors!! Thank you so much for the great egg peeling advice! It works soooooo well!! You saved us from a lot of hard work :)

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