Friday, January 29, 2010

Shoe organizer, not just for shoes anymore

Whether you have no kids or many, there are always things that can be organized.  Last year I was overwhelmed with all the hats/mittens combinations, so this year I used our extra show organizer for a hats/mittens organizer.  Each row is designated to a child.  The 3 lowest rows are low enough for Ethan and Avery to get their own hats/mittens and of course put them back too! (which helps me out).  I really like this particular one because it is see through, so you can see all of the contents of each compartment.

I also use these to organize scrapbook stuff, shoes and toys.  I actually need to buy a few more.  I have seen them used in nurserys too to organize all the stuff you need for a new baby.  Depending on what kind of pantry door you have, they would work great in that area as well to organize plastic utensils, napkins, paper plates, etc.

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