Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moon Dough - it's for the moon!

One of our daughters received some Moon Dough for a birthday gift and I was so excited to try it.  Well, the excitement wore off pretty fast when I realized how MESSY it was.  At first I thought I did something wrong.  Maybe I should add water to it?  It just seemed to fall apart so easily - and into a million pieces.  It does go together fairly easy again but trying to keep all the very small pieces in one place was exhausting.  I finally just let them play and then all the small pieces on the floor I just swept up and threw away.  I know they say it is better than play dough because it won't dry out but I still think play dough is better and easier for the kids to work with. They seemed to be frustrated with it falling apart so much and trying to keep all the pieces together.  However, it was easier for the little girls to roll it out and make cutouts themselves. 

You can be the judge, but I think I will stick with good ole fashion play dough from now on.


Crystal said...

oooh- that's good to know. My boys have seen the commercials and "I want that" is all I here. I was kind of thinking Christmas...but maybe I'll "stick" w/playdoh. Thanx


Wendy Irene (Give Love Create Happiness) said...

Good to know! Thanks, I'll stick with play-doh :)

Cheesehead Forever said...

Did anybody have a reaction to it? Katie bought some yesterday and this morning my hands and feet were itching like crazy. I touched some with my right hand and that hand puffed up like crazy and was so itchy. There could have been some on the floor and that is how it got on my feet. I went online and there quite a few people saying their kids had allergic reactions to it.


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