Monday, June 7, 2010

Cucumber Dip - great, light summer snack

Yet another great recipe I learned about at one of my scrapbooking weekends.  This Cucumber dip is super simple, fairly healthy and a great snack!

All you need:
Cream Cheese
Garlic Salt

Peel and cube the cucumbers and try to get most of the juice out of them by using paper towels, napkins, etc.  Mix the cucumbers with softened cream cheese and add a little garlic salt to taste and you are done! 

I eat it with pretzels and have also tried it with wheat thins, both are great!  The cucumber to cream cheese ratio is up to you. If you want it creamier, I would use one package of cream cheese to 2 or 3 cucumbers.  I tend to use 2 or 3 cucumbers to 1/2 a package of the light cream cheese and it still turns out great and has amazing flavor.  When you use the light cream cheese though, the dip does get a little more runny.


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